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The "Call4Peace" app is a very simple, but powerful app that spreads a meaningful movement throughout the world; a movement for peace. With the touch of a button we want to show how many people are tired of the endless terror attacks and want peace more than ever.

About the App

The app is composed of two distinctive features. On the first page, any individual who downloads the app is able to press a central button and "Call 4 Peace" every 24 hours. Each time the users press the button the counter increases. Our vision is to have the most people from diverse backgrounds and ages to press the "Call 4 Peace" button. The more people who press the virtual button the stronger our movement becomes.

Additionally, the app has a forum where anyone can use ready made categories to write their personal cause, such as "Pray for Paris", "Help the Syrian Refugees" or even "Fuck Kim Jong Un". Anyone can like and promote each other’s posts and the post with the most likes goes up in charts.

Any individual could fill in the blanks and share it on the forum anonymously. The more likes they receive the higher the ranking of their slogan.

People who are sick and tired of the on-going terrorist attacks can finally express themselves in a free way.


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